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2018: AGRICULTURE FOR THE NEXT 100 YEARS | Proceedings of the 26th NJF Congress
Published: 2019-02-19


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Congress of the Nordic Association of Agricultural Science (NJF) is the international, peer-reviewed scientific journal is published by Aleksandras Stulginskis University and Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economic, the leading institutions of research in agricultural & rural business management and economics in Lithuania.

The aim of the proceedings is to promote exchange in scientific knowledge by publishing scientific articles in social sciences areas: management and administration, business studies, public administration, economic, as well as application oriented, practically and / or theoretically associated with the agriculture and its infrastructure and rural development.

The Proceedings of NJF Congress publishes articles in the following fields of research:

  • Quality of soil and its protection
  • Crop science and production
  • Organic farming
  • Efficiency of gardening and horticulture
  • Integrated management of pests and weeds
  • Animal welfare and protection of animal health
  • Efficient use of feed resources
  • Efficiency of aquaculture, apiculture, forestry and other activities in farms
  • Quality issues and safety in chain of food and other agricultural products (grain, fruits, vegetable, milk, meat, fur and others)
  • Water resources management and safety
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • Management of landscapes in rural areas
  • Technologies of biofuel and biomass producing for energy
  • Technologies of precise agriculture in crop and livestock farming
  • Politics and regulations on agriculture and rural development
  • Tendencies of agricultural production in global markets
  • Management of farms and its resources
  • Management of risks in agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship and development of labour market in rural areas
  • Sustainable development of rural areas and interaction with urban areas
  • Perspectives of development of agriculture in Nordic and Baltic countries
  • Education and consulting in agriculture and rural development